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We are a small family show pig producer. We are located in northern Iowa just a few miles south of the
Minnesota border and a few miles east of the Iowa Great Lakes. Our focus is on rigorous selection of
Berkshire and crossbred females and a health program you can trust. We believe in Grandpa’s old saying
“The only reason to put a halter on a steer is to raise a kid.” We are convinced that kids raised in barns
are agriculture’s future. We honor the commitment it takes to teach and lead young people through
livestock projects. It is because of our profound respect for the commitment you make that we are 100%
committed to helping those parents, mentors Ag, teachers and young people build memories one pig at a time.




Farnum Genetics
David Farnum, DVM
4206 200th St
Estherville, IA 51334

Office Phone: (888) 603 2459
Cell phone: (515) 290 3960
email: dave@goinshowin.com
Farnum Genetics
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